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Bridge Loans

Cervenka & Lukes Capital Partners has established itself as a reputable firm among direct real estate bridge lenders in California. We have the ability to provide short-term, opportunistic loans with speed, creativity and certainty of execution. As a direct portfolio lender, we have the discretionary capital you can count on. We are able to fund real estate bridge loans in just a matter of days while offering the most advantageous debt structure for the borrower.

The current economic climate has underlined the need for non-traditional lenders and, as such, a direct portfolio lender that is not restricted by governmental oversight is able to more quickly offer its discretionary capital when needed. Once the various options have been considered, the short-term bridge loan may well stand out as the smart alternative when the traditional institutions are too rigid and too slow.

At Cervenka & Lukes, the hallmark of our investment philosophy is creativity with prudent underwriting. We are enthusiastic about doing business with borrowers who have attractive, low-leveraged commercial and residential real estate assets and who wish to benefit from our competitive loan-to-value ratio. As a direct lender, we are dedicated to helping you take successful advantage of your present investment opportunity by making the application process as simple and efficient as possible.

In business for more than half a century, Cervenka & Lukes Capital Partners has been serving commercial real estate investors in California and across the nation’s major metropolitan markets with direct real estate bridge loans longer than almost anyone else. In fact, three generations of family have been managing this firm since its inception. We will firmly stand on our decades-long reputation and unparalleled track record of service to both borrower and investor. It is our mission to extend that reputation of service for many more years to come.

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