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Commercial Loans

Cervenka & Lukes Capital Partners is a well-established, private commercial lender providing quick, short-term bridge loans throughout California and all major metropolitan markets across the United States. Our primary goal is to provide commercial real estate loan opportunities that generate banner yields for our investors while offering flexible and creative financing solutions for quick access to capital for our borrowers.

Access to the necessary capital for your commercial real estate opportunity is as important as locating the ideal investment itself. After spending time and energy in search of such opportunities, don’t allow any advantage to slip away because capital could not be acquired right when it was needed. A private lender of commercial loans can offer expeditious and nimble service that is hard to find with the larger, traditional institutions. When choosing a commercial lender, it’s important to carefully consider certain factors – criteria such as experience, reliability and reputation. With Cervenka & Lukes, you’re partnering with one of the oldest-serving private commercial lenders in the business. We originate and service asset-based loans against non-owner-occupied residential property, all types of multifamily properties and other commercial assets. The breadth of our expertise is reflected in over 2,500 transactions our team has closed. We offer this tried and true experience along with up-to-date market intelligence. Our analytical expertise allows us to strike the ideal balance between protecting our investors’ capital and structuring amenable debt transactions for the borrower.

With nearly sixty years of distinguished service in the industry, Cervenka & Lukes Capital Partners has a firm grasp of the important economic insights and market knowledge which few others can match. We don’t just provide commercial real estate financing – we provide financing that fits your specific transaction. We are confident in our ability to satisfy your commercial real estate loan needs with skill.

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