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Hard Money Loans

Cervenka & Lukes Capital Partners has been a trusted direct hard money lender within the real estate industry since 1957. As one of the oldest hard money lenders in California, we offer a flexibility not typically found among traditional financial institutions. With access to our own discretionary capital, we have the ability to offer creative solutions for your commercial real estate financing needs and can typically fund your hard money loan within a few days.

Our investment strategy embraces rigorous and effective due diligence in the underwriting of every investment opportunity. We focus on several key characteristics when deploying our firm’s discretionary capital. Each investment is evaluated individually with the single most important criterion being the underlying real estate collateral with strong, protective equity from the borrower. Real estate asset types under consideration for collateral must be either a commercial property or a 1- to 4-unit non-owner-occupied residential property. In our due diligence, great importance is placed on the asset’s current and potential net operating income, the immediate demand for the property given the sub-market fundamentals, the type of property, and the investment’s overall leverage exposure.

Cervenka & Lukes Capital Partners has provided hundreds of millions in hard money financing for borrowers in California and in major metropolitan markets across the country. We are a full service private lender with funders, underwriters, loan servicing and loan origination all conducted in-house. Brokers are protected and have come to rely on us along with our many satisfied customers. The dependably hard-working team at Cervenka & Lukes has established its reputation on closing thousands of hard money loans for clients who’ve learned they can put their trust in us. For three generations, we have built on that trust and will continue to do so as we help borrowers achieve success with their commercial real estate investments.

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